Risa Salsberg has been a vegetarian chef for over 30 years. In daily life, Risa focuses on creating edible, visual and spiritual nourishment. Her foundation began by being raised in a family that created foods by hand, with fresh fruits and vegetables, quality based ingredients and perpetual care in the process of cooking.

Risa has devoted her studies to the in depth understanding of different styles of cooking, from French cuisine (not so vegetarian!) to vegan and whole foods, and macrobiotics.

picture of risa salsberg

She has studied in California at the Vega Institute and also in Japan. Risa was in Japan hoping to immerse in the spiritual culinary arts of Japanese temple cooking. After speaking with the nuns of one temple she walked the mountainous Kuan Yin pilgrimage. On the day she completed her pilgrimage, she was accepted as a cooking apprentice in the Buddhist nunnery. Here she studied the ancient form of cooking called Shojin Ryori.